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Spiral House Painting takes great pride in both their interiors & exteriors and we stand behind our quality work without question. We believe in integrity and transparency. If you have any surface that needs a finish applied, we'll do it with expertise while meeting the highest standards of professionalism. Presently we are taking on new customers for interior projects only and we have begun to move out of doing exterior residential work. We will do decks and porches! 



When we walk into your home we are prepared to step with great awareness as we begin our work. When we leave your home it will often be cleaner than when we began. Paint speckles and drips are something we know how to prevent and clean up. Our preparation style is as detailed and professional as it can be and we focus on using all Ben Moore, Sherwan Williams, and C-2 Paints. We can even go completely non toxic and VOC free...



In all our work, there is a level of integrity and transparency that we aim to keep. Rowan will communicate with you every step of the way at your schedule's convenience. The deeper the restoration, the more time & quality of attention that is needed. We are always seeking the highest standards of excellence. Rowan has worked on historical and multi-million dollar projects through out New England. Boston, and the midwest. 

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