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The Spiral House name utilizes experienced crew members that have worked in many types of professional painting settings. Working in multi-million dollar homes in New England and beyond, we have worked with some of the best painters and builders in the pioneer valley over the years. Ask about our professional references.


Preparing surfaces to receive various kinds of finishing and protective paint products is the most important part of applying your new colors & finishes. If the preparation of a surface is not done correctly, then it won't matter how beautiful it appears, because it won't last. That costs you money later on. We prepare each surface impeccably before applying any finish products. 


Applying finishes is our strength because of our level of attention to detail. Brushing, Spraying, or rolling on products, every employee at SHP is required to keep to a high standard of detailed awareness. Everything must be approved before we sign off on any section of the job. At the end of the job we ask the customers to walk through and make a punch list of anything we might have over looked. We are finished when our customer is happy. We stand behind our work!

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