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Exterior Painting (Currently Spiral House Painting is not taking on exterior projects with the exception of decks, porches, bulkheads, doors & windows. We have shifted our focus to meet the strong demand for our interior expertise! If you really want us for an exterior job don't hesitate to ask - but right now our intention is to continue with the interior market we seem to flourish in!)

Exterior Painting can look great once the paint is on. At Spiral House we aren't just going to make your house look great. We aim to take the time to care for your investment. We want to give you the best possible finish to protect your home. Our preparation time is where the real work is. We stand behind our work with integrity.


Exteriors vary in size and surfaces that will receive paint. We approach your home individually. Mold and mildew needs to be stopped in its proliferation. We will clean surfaces with mild cleaning solutions to kill spores, ending the mold issues. We sand, caulk, prime bare wood, replace rotten wood, and clean your gutters and windows if desired. We recommend a good carpenter if you need repairs and we also have color consultants on hand too. We replace window glass & glazing and we will point out anything that needs work. Stains, urethanes, latex and oil base products are common for exterior protection. Ask us about our non toxic paint & VOC free options..

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