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Restoration Projects

The kind of attention needed for restoration requires years of experience. Rowan has worked on many projects that required months of restoration detail, removing 100 year old layers of paint. We do wallpaper removal and plaster wall repair, window refurbishing, replacing glass, glazing, dental work on old New England woodwork in all forms. Doors, cabinetry, and furniture. We restore old wood to its original luster if possible, and we have done it for some world famous clientele. 


With restoration the process goes deeper than most other painting processes because we restore surfaces to their original shape as closely as possible. Some homeowners want all the paint stripped off their interior oak doors that have age old layer upon layer of paint upon them. We strip down the old finishes using mild chemicals to soften adhesion and bring back the life of the wood using the requested style of finish or protection. Usually clients ask for restoring because they know the value of the original wood underneath, or there is damage that needs to be brought back to a functional condition. Do you have an old home that may have lead paint? We can help...

We restore

  • Baseboards 

  • Door & window Frames, jambs,& heads (all parts)

  • Doors of all interior styles

  • Window mullions, fixed panels, & grilles

  • Exterior windows & doors

  • Interior wainscoting, paneling, or woodwork of most kinds.

  • Ceilings can be restored to flat from plastered surfaces

  • Old plaster walls

  • Floors and stairs..

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