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Each job is unique and deserves specific attention. Our expertise is available to empower our customers for the future, as they continue to invest in improving their homes for the long haul.

Spiral House Painting Offers Free Estimates like most painting companies and in addition we also offer consulting. We will come for an hour or two and go over every aspect of your project with you so that you can be completely informed about what your project needs no matter who does the painting. General Contractor's are often not painters and so going with a painting professional will get you informed from an entirely different perspective. You will end your consulting session with a better understanding of what goes into an interior repaint, a new construction paint job, or a restoration project, from a professionals point of view. Ever buy a car with no information about the car? Well why hire a painting crew with no real perspective about what is needed? We are here to help.  

Consulting fee - $125 -1 hour session

                          $225 -2 hour session

Color Consult will vary with a similar hourly rate.


We also refer our customers to outside designers and color consultants that have their own fees not listed here when needed.

Color impacts us on all kinds of levels we may not even comprehend. When choosing color for the home we want to consider lighting and activity and movement. Often color can bring the sense of calm to a room or the sense of over stimulation when there is too much happening in a room for decor. We want to explore what works for your home and choose a palette that will produce the desired effect for the long term...Looking forward to working with you!                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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